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Thomas Joseph Coyne: MBA, Ph.D.

Arbitration Resume

Email, the preferred method of contact:;

CURRENT ACTIVITY: Candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America, 2016 (POTUS);  Arbitration; Mediation; Financial Management & Securities; Author; Publisher; tenured full Professor of Finance (inactive).  I attempted to get my name, without success, on the ballot in the 2016 Republican Party Primary Election, South Carolina.  (The case concerning Federal Court and Defendants blockage of my efforts remains pending as of this late date, 7/14/2017, The United States District Court, District of South Carolina, Columbia Division.  It is an “Expedited” case filed 9/15/2015, # C/A No.3:15-cv-03669-JFA-SVH).

FIRST BUSINESS ADDRESS:                                          

Coyne & Associates, Inc.                                                      
535 Haskell Dr.                                                                             
Akron, Ohio 44333                                                                 
Phone: (330) 836-0563   


Ph. D, Economics/Investments/Banking & Finance, Case Western Reserve University
          Post-doctoral study: Monetary Theory/Price Theory, University of Chicago 
          Post-doctoral study: Computers, University of Michigan; and, (ICHEC), Brussels, Belgium;  Minsk, Bellerussia;  Riga Latvia;  Zagreb Croatia.

MBA, Management/Finance, Kent State University
BBA, Accounting/Economics, Marshall University


I am a Ph.D. Financial Economist, and 2016 Candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America – POTUS. 

I served as Chief Negotiator, Numerous City and Local Boards of Education, State of Ohio, responsible for many hundreds of cases dealing heavily with finance (1970s and 80s). I have traveled extensively: Russia, Byelorussia, Latvia, Croatia, Holland, England, The Netherlands, Ireland, Brussels and other locations, lecturing and/or presenting papers in Finance and labor-related Finance (1980s). When I visited the former USSR in Moscow, Leningrad and other Soviet locations as Leader of the Finance Delegation (36 persons) and at U.S. State Department expense, our flight on Pan Am left New York without us.  Upon hearing of this situation the head of Aeroflot USSR flew us to Shannon, Ireland, all expenses Soviet-paid 1st Class on Aer Lingus, and arranged for one of its planes returning Russian troops home from Cuba to stop for us in Shannon and take my Delegation to Moscow (USSR flights were not allowed to land in USA at the time and Moscow banks were waiting for me). The Boards of Directors of each USSR bank – one in Moscow, the other in Leningrad - (2 banks only in all of USSR at that time) were awaiting the Coyne Finance Delegation.  I met and spoke privately with Boris Yeltzin on this trip (1989).  In 1990 the Publication Department, People to People International, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Founder, President George Bush, Honorary Chairman, published and distributed a journal regarding my “Financial Management Delegation to the U.S.S.R.” effort.

I have a web site which reveals most of my current professional activities: I have served on expedited arbitration panels, as a permanent umpire for the U. S. Air Force, Heath, Ohio, and as fact finder for scores of education cases in the state of Ohio.

I am a former B&O railroad brakeman, a former C&O railway officer.  After writing my Master’s Thesis (MBA):  “Proposals of the Railroads for Alleviating Their Financial Crisis” (copy available, Archives, Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI), John Kusik, CEO, C&O Railway, and Cyrus Eaton, Principal stockholder, C&O Railway, and receipt of my MBA, hired me as an officer on C&O. I appeared before the Interstate Commerce Commission dealing with per diem rate cases of railroad cars; more significantly, I worked closely and significantly with Cyrus Eaton as we merged the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway with the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.  (That railroad today is called CSX).

After writing my Ph.D. dissertation:  “Banking Structure in West Virginia” (copy available, Archives, Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI), and having it published by Legislative Services Committee, State of WV, West Virginia passed legislation to allow state-wide branch banking.  Prior to publication of my dissertation, WV was the ONLY state in the USA disallowing branch banking.

I was a tenured, full-time full professor of finance/economics at fully accredited (AACSB) universities (MBA studies) for the better part of 33 years. I have extensive experience (managed millions of dollars per client, without losing any money for anyone) with stocks, bonds, T-Bills, notes and other financial matters (mergers/acquisition), have experience with the high profile, highly paid sports figure, and am eligible for Department of Defense and other government assignments. I have a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code number.

I am a licensed pilot; I hosted a live 50,000 watt call-in talk radio show broadcast simultaneously in Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio.  I am available for foreign assignments.

I am a an honorably discharged combat veteran of the Korean Conflict, having served in Co. L., 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, Sandbag Castle, Korea and am a recipient of the Korean Service Medal with two (2) Bronze Service Stars, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), the Good Conduct Medal, and a Letter of Appreciation from Kim Dae-jung, President of the Republic of Korea.

I am a former member of the National Association of Securities Dealers Association (NASD) Board of Arbitrators, a member of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Board of Arbitrators, and a member of The National Mediation Board, Washington, D.C.


Aerospace; automotive, coal, education, mining, nuclear energy, police and fire, printing and publishing, railroads, rubber and tire, steel, transportation, plus just about all others, to include many permanent panels:  District 1199WVKYOH, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and Pride In Logan County, Inc., 9/1/2003 – 9/1/2006; Ohio Nurses Association and the Western Reserve Care System; National Bituminous Coal Producers Association and The United Mine Workers of America, District, #2, Pennsylvania; United States Air Force, Heath, Ohio; McDowell County Commission on Aging.

ISSUES:  Being a Professor of Finance, I excel in properly locating, addressing and solving finance-related disputes arising as a result of planned albeit illegal fraudulent back-dating of employee date of hire time and location and years worked records for alleged pension(s) entitlement purposes.

Absenteeism, 'arbitrability', conduct (off-duty/personal), discipline non-discharge, discipline (discharge), sexual abuse of client, race, national origin, job posting/bidding, management rights, past practices, pension and welfare plans, retirement, seniority, subcontracting/contracting-out, tenure/reappointment, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, slowdowns, cost-of-living pay, overtime pay, severance pay, vacation pay, work hours/ scheduled assignments, working conditions/work orders, violence or threats, plus others. 


Approximately 100 cases have been published, most of which, most likely, are included on my web page:  With respect to publication the following is important:  Unless notified by the parties to the contrary and in advance of the oral hearing, all Awards are submitted for publication consideration; moreover, the case begins with submission of Joint Exhibits. 

Books: (1) License to Lie, fiction, (ISBN: 0-9633192-2-1), 2000; (2) How to Take Charge of Yourself, Your Money, Your Government, college, non-fiction, (ISBN: 0-9633182-1-3), 1999; Readings in Managerial Economics, (five editions, 1973 – 1992) college, (MBA), (ISBN: 0-9633192-0-5), 1992; Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases Fifth Edition, college, (ISBN: 0-256-02698-X), 1984; and, The Coyne Report: October 2011, (Revere Local Government Schools,), ISBN 9-781470-006433, 2011, plus numerous monographs (100’s), and several other books.

Articles: (Refereed, peer reviewed), “Individually Selected Stocks versus Mutual Funds,” Personal Financial Planning, January/February, 1999; The Coyne Quarterly, Internet online with approximately 100 articles published 2002 to date:, (The Coyne Quarterly was published in hard copy prior to 2000). Well over 200 additional peer-reviewed and other articles have been published in finance and economic journals throughout the USA and abroad.  A large number of newspaper commentaries have been published. (I graced the cover of Banka, Zagreb, Croatia).

PER DIEM FEE: $1,000.00; DOCKETING FEE: One per diem fee is payable in advance and credited to the parties as part of the final bill/invoice. 

CANCELLATION FEE:  Almost never is a cancellation fee necessary and none is charged provided the oral hearing is cancelled early enough to fill the time slot; otherwise, one per Diem.

Interest Arbitration, Fact-finding and Mediation: $1,000.00 per day with 5.5 hours comprising one day; travel time is charged one day each day needed; study time is charged one day for each day necessary; a flat-fee of $150 is charged for administrative expenses, to include telephone, postage and similar charges.  Total mediation fees & expenses almost never exceed $5,000.

Expenses: Arbitrator charges actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred (i.e. hotel, food, air travel). Automobile mileage is charged at the applicable IRS expense rate.

            This fee schedule is forwarded to the parties immediately upon selection.

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