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Putting Our Community First

Town Hall:  

I will work towards bringing unity, competence and integrity back to Town Hall for every resident in our prodigious community.

Mayor Bifolchi and Deputy Mayor Bray with 4 other Councillors (Watson, Wells, Foster, McKinney) including the CAO and clerk shut the door on public opinion in an effort to seize complete control of the agenda Council puts forth all in the name of EFFICIENCY. The residents should not be silenced at Council meetings. Everyone has a right to speak, every voice matters. I will put forth a motion to have this type of censorship removed so our residents will once again have a voice at Town Hall.

Beach One: You cannot control, what you do not own, it is a very simple and accurate fact. We need to bring Fram/Slocker back to the planning table.  This current 2018 council has done everything in their power to destroy any and all of the progress that was created by the previous Council of 2014 out of pure spite and greed. Building Condominiums on Beach 1 is another short sighted, miscalculated blunder. Every resident knows what our Winters are like and can wholeheartedly understand the damage and maintenance costs will be to repair and maintain a condominium complex on Beach 1. The sandblasting effect that occurs during the Winter is undeniable. We need a Council of forward thinkers that can think outside the box to come up with a revolutionary, viable plan that will generate tourism and sustainability while showcasing our one of a kind gem. We do not and simply cannot  repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Health Care:  We need and deserve a walk-in clinic in Wasaga Beach.  Mayor Bifolchi and this Council ignored over 2600 people that signed a petition to keep the After hours Clinic open.   Many voicing how much the clinic had helped them.   The outcry was ignored by Mayor Bifolchi, DM Bray, Councillors Watson, Wells , Foster and Kinney as they voted to close it citing the cost to run it WITHOUT govt support.  Bifolchi then made a public announcement with a shrug of her shoulder telling the taxpayers to go to the hospital instead.  Even though we would have seen some restrictions throughout the Pandemic it would have been incremental in helping the overload at our local hospital.

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