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  • We provide quality, affordable computer repairs & service to all makes and models including PC, MAC & Linux.

  • We practice in all Operating Systems, Windows, Apple, Ubuntu & Linux.

  • We offer complete repairs, "On Time" with 100% resolution & satisfaction or you do not pay!

  • We can help you in home, setting up wireless networks, sharing printers and more.

  • Broken Smartphone? The Geeks can fix that for you. We repair all makes of Smart Phones & Tablets.

  • Need flyers, business cards or any other printing? Geeks can handle it all. B&W Photocoping 0.19 Cents, Free First Page Local Faxing.

  • Wasaga's Fastest "FREE" High Speed FREE Internet Cafe.

The GeeKs Provide:


  • Quality Computer Repairs, Service & Sales to all models

  • PC & Apple Tune Ups and Virus Removal

  • High Speed Web Hosting

  • Free Internet Hotspot & Internet Café

  • IPhone & Android Smart Phone & Tablet Repair

  • Free Local Faxing & Printing Services

  • Laminating, Flyers, Resume’s

  • Unbeatable Prices on Ink & Toner Guarantee

  • Onsite & Depot Service For PC, Apple & Linux

  • Networking & Security Specialists

  • Computer Parts & Accessories

  • New & Refreshed Laptops & Systems


 The Geeks are your source for knowledge, service, price and quality, Try us and see, we will not disappoint you.  We treat everyone with Kindness and Respect.

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